How to create a FABuLous life – Step 1. Catching our Chaser Thoughts

What is a FABuLous life? Here is my definition
F = Find who you are, what makes your heart sing, what makes you happy.
A = Accept who you are, including your past and where you are right now. 
B = Be the beautiful unique person you are meant to be by choosing it.
U = you. Find, Accept, Be you
= Love
= Our
= Unique
S = Self
Learning to love our unique self, brings us into happiness because when we love ourselves and accept ourselves for who we truly are and then be that person, we are living our true purpose. We are living from our heart.
The challenge of course is how do we create a FABuLous life and stop self-sabotaging ourselves?

Step 1:
Find our Chaser Thoughts.
What is a Chaser thought? 
It is one of those thoughts that pop into your mind as soon as you want to try something new. It’s the thought that starts with ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or “I don’t know how.’ Those type of thoughts. The ones that squash your enthusiasm and leave you to forget about that great idea, that new thing you want to try.
This happens to us all. The trick is catching the thought and then turning it into an empowering statement and letting that old thought go.
My chaser thought for this blog was ‘I don’t know what to say in a blog” and I’m going to turn that thought around to “I know my readers want to feel empowered and learn how to live a FABuLous life.”
So here goes…
I believe everyone can create a FABuLous life and I believe this because I have done it. It doesn’t mean I have everything I want, not yet, however I believe it is all coming to me because I have a clear vision on who I am and what makes my heart sing, and this is the plan I live my life by. More on how to create a vision and plan in a later blog.
I didn’t always believe this. There was a time when I thought life just happened to me and that I really had very little control. I mean, I didn’t plan to have setbacks, I didn’t plan to have times when all I wanted to do was cry, and the problem was that while I believed I didn’t really have any choices, that became my truth. 
Then I learned something valuable…
We get what we focus on.
It took a bit for the depth of this statement to sink in.
I realised it was my response to things that determined my inner happiness. 
If I believed I couldn’t do it, I was right.
If I believed I could do it, I was right.
I then realised that if I think like a victim I am one and If I think like an achiever, I am one.
I have a choice, in every moment in every day. I can choose how I think.
That is…if I am paying attention to what I am thinking. And here lies the problem. Our conscious mind says to our subconscious, I want to learn to paint. The subconscious mind has a memory about trying to paint. It didn’t go well. I was told to paint in the lines, I had memories of feeling inadequate in art class, I remembered being laughed at. So, now my subconscious mind comes in with ‘I can’t paint, I’m no good at it.” The subconscious mind doesn’t know I want to learn, it is just trying to protect me from being hurt so it rummaged around in my database of past emotions and experiences and then reminds me again that I can’t do it.
That’s it! My subconscious mind doesn’t understand that I want to learn to paint. It sees its job to stop me by giving me these dis-empowering thoughts to dissuade me from painting so that I don’t fail. I call these Chaser thoughts (download your Chaser Thoughts page). Any thought that dis-empowers us. Any thought that does not serve us is a Chaser thought. 
With this realisation, I found it much easier to catch chaser thoughts, and then once I knew what my broken down record was, I could make new statements that support my new idea.
Becoming aware of how we talk to ourselves is the starting point to happiness. You cannot be happy when you are always telling yourself off or putting yourself down. You can be happy when you constantly tell yourself good things.
It is so simple and yet such a challenge. You see, we have so many built-in auto-responses in our thinking that we don’t even realise we have them because we are so used to hearing them that we tune out.
Here is a prime example. Say to yourself ‘I choose to create a FABuLous life for myself’. Now, what thought came up immediately for you? 
Maybe it was something like “yeah right!!!” “It's ok for her, she has a great life” or “If only I wasn’t so (broke, time-poor, stressed),” “That won’t happen to me, my life is full of drama (stress, anxiety, illness).” 
Now let’s turn them around.
  • If she can do it so can I
  • I am important and I make time to improve my life
  • Nice things happen to me
  • My life is full of exciting opportunities
Accept who you are. 
We all have these chaser thoughts and when we accept this about ourselves and stop beating ourselves up about it, we become more aware and that makes it easier to find and fix them.
Be the vision. 
This is where we decide if we want to let go of any old thoughts that no longer serve us and create new thoughts that uplift us. 
Grab your downloaded Revising my Chaser Thoughts page
Now look at your Chaser thoughts and find a way to turn them upside down and make them feel good.
When you have your new statements, see how they feel to you. Are they strong statements? Do they make you feel empowered?
If so, then repeat them regularly to yourself. Say them over and over. Commit to learning your new statements and say them every day. When you wake up, during the day, and when you go to sleep. See yourself in your new statements, that gives them even more strength. 
It takes time and commitment to change thoughts that have been with us for a long time, however, it is not hard. Just repeat them over and over. Pretty soon, they become part of you, the new FABuLous you. 
Flip to a page - Weekly Journal Prompt
Each week I have a video discussing a page from the journals that you can download and complete. Click here to view video
This week we have two pages to download - Catching my Chaser Thoughts and Revising my Chaser Thoughts.
These two pages are in every journal as catching our negative self-talk is one of the keys to creating a FABuLous life.
This week’s task is to take out your chaser thoughts page and catch what you are telling yourself. What are the things that you say over and over? The things that don’t work for you. 
Now, take out your ‘Revising Chaser Thoughts’ page and turn these statements around into empowering thoughts. 
Write out your new statements and put them everywhere to remind yourself. Put them on your fridge, on a screen saver, in a daily appointment to yourself, on your mirror when you brush your teeth, beside your bed so you go to sleep thinking your new empowering thoughts and rereading them when you wake each morning.
Remind yourself throughout the week to catch your Chaser Thoughts. This is not a one-time thing, as the more you uncover, the more power you give yourself. We do not need to remember how we got these thoughts; we just make the decision right now to start eliminating them from our vocabulary and consciously choosing to tell ourselves things that uplift us instead.
What is a Chaser thought you can change this week?
Remember to Love our unique self by celebrating our wins as we let go of our old thoughts and enjoy our new ones.

Have a FABuLous week.
Sharon Dawn
Author/Artist/ Creator of Rainbow Vision Journal
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