Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

RED – My Heart
       How to follow your heart and find your bliss without reliving your past

Are you on the best Journey of your life?

Are you happy? Is your life full of magic? Do you know what you love most? Do you feel like you are living your purpose or someone else's? These are questions many of us are looking to answer and you have just found the tool to help you.
This RED Journal is all about you. What you love and where you give and receive support in your life. It is a journal that takes you into your heart so you can discover what your journey is really about. It is a journal that guides you to find clarity, happiness and purpose in your life. 

A new style of Journal

 The Rainbow Vision Journal RED is a workbook that combines journaling, creativity and connecting to your inner guidance. It includes intuitive and thought-provoking activities to help you find the love you have hidden deep in your heart. RED is the first in the Rainbow Vision Journal series of eight guided workbooks. 
Each is designed to take you on a journey into a different spectrum of your life, inspiring you to raise your energy vibration and in so doing, feel better within yourself. RED is the first colour and represents love, as everything in life starts with love.

Why Journal?

A journal is a tool that is still undervalued by many. Some people use a journal as a place to write all their daily activities or to keep a record of what happens in their life. The most common being a travel journal. Others think a journal is a place where you write all your sad stories. I prefer to think of a journal as a place where I can explore my inner being, a place where I gain clarity into who I really am and what I truly want for my life. A place that empowers me and helps me to continue to grow my life in the way I want it.
To me, a journal is a place that helps me move forward in life. A place where I can imagine my hearts desires and explore those ideas to bring as much into fruition as I can. 

Don’t dwell on the past.

We all have a story, but I never write about my past in my journal. To me that is looking backwards and bringing the past into my present moment, which doesn’t serve us at all. If I feel I need to get something off my chest from my past, I write or draw it out on a piece of paper then take great pleasure in burning it once I am finished. I don’t need to keep remembering myself of my past hurts.  For more on this concept, read the FREE eBook.

I believe we get what we focus on, so I spend my time looking forward and thinking about creating ways on how I can do everything I want to do.  Journaling creates clarity. It opens our mind and allows our true essence to come though. This is because both writing and drawing are meditative in themselves. They take you to a mindful place where you let go of everything else that is going on in your life and you bask in the joy of what you are creating. 

Let go of Judgement

We are all creative beings. We can all write, and we can all draw. Unfortunately, many of us have the belief that we have no talent, so we don’t even try. Or, if we do try, we give up almost immediately because we believe what we have created is no good. That is the beauty of your journal. It never judges you or what you have put in it. You can have the worst spelling, or the most scribbled images and your journal doesn’t care. It just accepts everything you put in it. If you allow yourself to believe everything you do is a masterpiece, just like a child does, then your journal becomes a place for masterpieces.

How I started

I always wanted to do art but in my family, as in many at the time, art was considered a waste of time. A luxury that was for those who could afford it, not for those who had to get a job. I didn’t know anyone who did art so my outlet became colouring books and paint by number pictures. I did manage to convince my parents to let me join an art class during my last two years of high school, but I always felt I was no good because I was so far behind everyone else. Starting so late meant I missed all the lessons on technique, like colour harmony and mixing, perspective, balance etc. I felt I was no good, but I still loved it.
Then as a young mother, I tried my hand at various crafts. I can knit and sew difficult patterns, and I learnt how to dry flowers, create wall hangers, take photos and many other interesting things. I tried to do the odd painting or drawing but was too self-critical so threw them away.
For years I had this deep desire to paint and every time the idea surfaced, I pushed it back down again with my self-doubting beliefs. I would tell myself that I was no good and could never be an artist. I call these ‘Chaser Thoughts’ because they stop us doing something after we have a thought to do something we want. 

One day, when I was in my late forties, I got an unexpected opportunity to learn to paint and I loved it. Within a year I exhibited my first picture and won a prize. Better than that, I sold the picture! 
 I really enjoyed creating this charcoal and watercolour called ‘Self-Reflection.’
This spurred me on to do my own exhibition the following year, where I sold 85% of my pictures on opening night. I had finally started moving past my limiting belief that I couldn’t do it. 

That was when I decided to start teaching beginner classes for others like me, who believed they had no talent to paint or draw. I found that I was teaching self-belief more than I was teaching art skills. My most rewarding classes where when I saw someone break through their belief and realise that it was not a lack of talent, it is a lack of practice combined with the lack of belief that stopped them.

You see, they, like me, had someone, somewhere in their life who made them feel they couldn’t do it. The funny thing is, the ones who make us feel like we are no good are the very people who never draw or paint themselves. And yet, they are not our worst critics. We are. We are the ones who keep reinforcing the belief that we can’t do it and even when someone tells us our picture is good, we don’t believe them because from our perspective and the belief that we are no good, we think they are just being nice.

The RED journal helps you get over some of these issue. It guides you to find what is in your heart, what is important to you, so that you can start putting these into your everyday life. This is when we start to find our true happiness.

Write from within and draw like a child

The Rainbow Vision Journal series is designed to get you to be creative. To write from your imagination and to draw or scribble as much as your heart desires. It doesn’t criticise your ideas or your drawing or scribbling. Your journal accepts whatever you choose to put in it. How cool is that!
Your journal is your safe place where you can do whatever excites you and in so doing, you find what is buried deep in your heart because both writing and drawing are meditative. Artists have known this for years. Journaling is a way of using your imagination. It can be insightful and heartfelt. Journaling allows you to be anyone you want to be, anywhere, and in any time. It allows you to say things you wouldn’t tell anyone. It allows you to daydream and it allows you to be as crazy or silly as you want. That is the magic of a journal.

Journaling opens your heart 

When you write or draw, you free up your thinking, open your imagination and connect to your inner child. The creative exercises within the RED journal, take you off autopilot to bring your thinking into the present moment. Once you allow yourself to write and draw without judgement, you slip into a peaceful, meditative state that clears your mind and allows your heart to speak to you.

Join the Challenge

I challenge you to take up journaling, both writing and drawing. My deep desire is to see as many women as possible moving away from the stress in their life and finding what is important to them specifically, and I believe journaling helps us do that.

Don’t let anything stop you from trying to create a better life for yourself, because I can tell you, when you start to  vision journal, your thinking changes, you become more aware of what you like and you start making changes in your life to reflect that. That is the magic of vision journaling.

More on the Journal

There are five sections inside the RED journal. 
  1. How to use this Journal. This first section covers concepts that are used throughout the journal. These include - I am silent and  listen, catching my chaser thoughts, finding my gold nuggets and I am so grateful for… 
  2. What I Love.  In this section you remind yourself of everything you love in life. The people, pets, places and items. Some of these pages dig deep to find what you have forgotten, while others are easy and fun. Altogether, they create a ‘go to’ list that helps you when you feel down and need a little pick-me-up. 
  3. How is my Support?  In this section, you look at who and what gives you support as well as how you support others at home, at work and in your community. This creates a ‘go to’ list when you feel you are alone and need some help or someone to talk to. 
  4. Let’s get creative.  In this section, you play. While every section has extra writing and drawing pages, this section encourages you to make thinks that remind you of the love and support you have in your life. It expands on the ideas of vision boards and affirmations. 
  5. Bring it all together.  In this section you get to release your imagination. You get to daydream and create an imaginary life, then you take the ideas and place them into your life. It is like creating your own fairy-tale with you in it.
Once you have completed the five sections, you have numerous pages left where you are encouraged to draw like a child and write from within. These help you expand on the ideas you have covered throughout the journal. This is where you will see personal growth especially if you do a page every day.

Maybe you think you don’t have time

If you don’t have time, you need this more than anyone! Why? Because it will help you determine what is important and what you can eliminate. 
You only need five minutes a day to journal and you will see amazing results in a very short time. Author Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity believes that writing just 3 pages a day, even if it is about nothing, is all you need to open up your right brain thinking and your creativity. 
Surely you are worth five minutes a day if you are using it to have a happier life?
The time is NOW; to be brave and discover what you truly want. Its time to follow your heart and find your happiness, because you CAN do it and you ARE worth it!

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What are all the things you love in life? Do you know what is deep in your heart? 
We all need love. The RED journal is to remind you of what you love most so you can include these things into your daily life. As you work through the exercises, you will think about everything you really like, from your favourite songs, your favourite colours, your favourite places, to your favourite people and favourite animals. 
You will think about what puts a smile on your face, and what makes you feel full of love. The more love you feel each day, the higher your energy vibration and the happier and healthier you are. This journal becomes your ‘go to’ place, like a tool kit, that will help you when you feel sad and need a pick-me-up.
But it’s more than that. This journal explores how you give and receive support at home, at work, in your community and in your environment. Our friends, family and community all offer us different levels of support, just as we offer them different levels of support. Knowing who to call when you need a hug, advice or just someone to talk to, is important. One person may give hugs, another may say motivating things, someone else may support you at work. 
When we feel supported, we feel safer and we feel valued and loved. Animals are also a wonderful source of support. Generally, this comes from our pets, although it may be broader than that. It may come from being on a farm or going to the zoo, from bird watching or swimming with dolphins. Animals are non-judgmental, which is why they are great to have in our life. 
Our biggest support however comes from within, when we learn to trust our inner child. The writing, drawing and creative exercises in this journal encourage you to feel that connection.

When we start to love our self, our life changes quickly

Sometimes, we remember things that we have long forgotten. I have always loved rainbows but couldn’t remember where that came from. Then one day someone called me ‘Pollyanna’. I had forgotten all about that movie I watched as a child, yet suddenly, I got this image of a young girl holding up crystals from a chandelier, and when the sun hit them, rainbow prisms filled the room. I have loved rainbows and chandeliers ever since. 
I watched the movie again recently and realised it had a great message too. Pollyanna played the glad game; no matter what happens in a day or what has happened in the past, there is always something to be glad about. This is such a great message and I think if we lived by that thought alone, we too, would have a great life. I mention this because in the RED spectrum we start to move our thinking to loving, grateful thoughts, appreciating how awesome our life already is, similar to the glad game. 
We all enjoy different things and when we know what puts a smile on our face and what makes us happy, we can create reminders and daily routines that focus on feeling good. We start to see we have more to be thankful for then we first think and the more we focus on these wonderful feelings, the more we attract them into our life.

When we feel love, we are in a high energy vibration

When you are happy, your whole body vibrates at a higher level. You feel good about yourself and when you feel good, you instantly make your family feel better too. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more your family benefits. Think about someone or something you REALLY love. Hold that thought, then feel the wonderful energy that is flowing through you. That is the feeling we are going to capture more of as we work through RED, so that you feel this on a regular basis.

We are so lucky, sometimes we need to remind ourselves 

The concepts in this spectrum may seem simple, however, they are powerful. Your life is in your hands and you have the power to claim your happiness and make it GREAT. Its time to claim your uniqueness. Its time to say ‘I am worth it. I am entitled to a good life.’ It is time to take action and enjoy your journey because if you don’t start living life for yourself now, when will you?