Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

YELLOW Journal 

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How to take control of your 

personal well-being and happiness

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Welcome to

Rainbow Vision Journal 

Guided Journals to Find, Accept and Be your True Self

Step-by-step guides that encourages self-expression & 
inner connection, through mindful and creative activities that connect us to our heart, strengthening our ability 
to manifest a fabulous life experience.

A journey of self-empowerment

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Learn how journaling creates clarity for a more fulfilling, happy and purposeful life.
How to follow your heart and find your bliss without reliving your past.

How to have awesome experiences without worrying about time or money.
How to take control of your personal well-being and happiness
 How to attract money and abundance into your life 
How to discover and live your true-life purpose 
How to stay in control of your thoughts and use them to empower
How to feel connected and tuned into your heart's desires
How to bring your life into alignment using your Rainbow Vision steps.

What is Rainbow Vision Journal?

The Rainbow Vision Journal is a collection of eight guided workbooks with different themes that take you on a journey to connect you with what makes you happy by using a combination of writing, drawing and creative activities that anyone can do.

Each journal focuses on a different area of your life, helping you grow your confidence in choosing what is right for you as you learn to follow your heart and find your unique style of happiness.

The RED Journal is the first in the series and takes you into your heart, giving you a clearer perspective on what is important to you and your family right now and in the immediate future. We are in changing times and do not know how things will unfold over the next few months and years. What we can do, is use this time, to strengthen ourselves and our families, and the best way to do that, is self-love and support.

In RED, you connect to everything you love, and it becomes your happy place. Then on tougher days, it also becomes your go-to place as it helps you feel better no matter what is happening. Click here to read more about RED

The ORANGE Journal is how to create awesome experiences in your life. Time flies by as we get involved in our day to day living. Before we realise it, another year is over. Did you accomplish one of your dreams this year? What about last year? Do you have a clear idea of what you actually want to do? Do you have plans in place to follow your dreams? ORANGE is your bucket list on steroids. As we start to plan our adventures, our life instantly feels happier. Why? Because we are taking action to do something for ourselves. This is a really fun journal and it may surprise you what ideas it uncovers for you. Click here to read about ORANGE

If you enjoy the Rainbow Vision Journal concepts then join me in the Private Facebook Group Creating Vision Journals Together, where we share thoughts, ideas and images as we practice our creativity with videos for beginners and experienced creators.

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Meet Leah, she has completed both the RED and ORANGE journals and this is what she had to say about them.

"I love these journals. They give me time to myself where after a busy day, I can relax, unwind and have some fun as I focus on what is important to me. i'm looking forward to the next one."

Journaling opens and heals your heart 

Writing and drawing open our imagination and connect us to our heart. When used the right way, they can help you create a better life. When used the wrong way, they can keep you stuck, reliving your past and not enjoying life. 

Drawing like a child and writing from within can bring you happiness and change your life. Click the READ MORE tab to discover how.

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