Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

BLUEMy Purpose
How to discover and live your true-life purpose
BLUE is the way to live on purpose, to feel fulfilled no matter who you are, where you live or what your past experiences are. This is the journal where you discover your deeper purpose, what really makes your heart sing, and how to have it in your daily life.
What is your purpose? We are told we all have a purpose, that we have a unique calling, but trying to work out what that is, can be a real challenge for many of us. We are advised to look to our past to find clues, that these clues are right in front of us, we need only to become aware of them.

Our purpose is to feel fulfilled

Your purpose is anything that excites you and gives you fulfillment. You may enjoy being of service to people, or perhaps you enjoy being creative and making, growing or building things. You may prefer to spend your day on a computer or just chatting to people. Your purpose does not need to be something BIG, like create an empire or adopt lots of refugees; it can be something as simple as reading books and giving great reviews that help others enjoy a good read! It could be you love brightening up people’s days, so you arrange and sell flowers. Your purpose is whatever makes your heart sing.
The BLUE journal takes you through a process so you can discover what you are really looking for deep down. That something that will give you fulfillment and make you excited about life over and above the experiences you wanted in Orange. We are all unique and the BLUE journal guides you to find your something special.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it

You can never choose the wrong path if you are following your heart. You are the creator of your life. There is no wrong answer if you are coming from love and joy. When you are clear on your true direction, everything will align. Best of all, your energy vibration goes up. You become more excited about your day; about the difference you are making in the world as you follow your purpose. As you focus on your purpose, it is attracted back to you. 
Remember how I said I came to create the Rainbow Vision Journal? The more I focused on it, the clearer it became. It wasn’t instantly created. I focused on it for twelve months to find the answers and make it a reality because deep in my heart I knew this was part of my purpose. 
When we are living our purpose, we are the lucky ones. We are following our chosen path. We are in the place we want to be. So many people do not realising they can live on purpose and so they miss the excitement of life. I think that is such a pity. It takes just as much energy to be unhappy as it does to be happy, so why not choose the most fulfilling life possible?
In BLUE we will look at putting aside the fear that stops us being our true self. We will discover what is holding us back and how we can move past that to live a life on purpose.

 I trust my intuition

I let it guide me to my greater good