Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

 VIOLET – My Connection
How to feel connected 
and tuned into your heart's desires

Use your Intuition

VIOLET is how we really learn to connect within to expand our energy vibration. This journal helps you to understand your spiritual side, what it means to you and how to use that in your daily life to feel more at peace, no matter your religious or spiritual beliefs.
Do you give thanks every day for everything in your life? Do you appreciate the bed you slept in, how warm and cosy it was? Do you appreciate the roof over your head, the food in your tummy, the fact that you can get up, put on clean clothes and choose how you spend your day?
We are the lucky ones in this world. We do not have to worry about starvation or being homeless. We do not have to worry about being abducted and sold as a slave. These things happen every day in this world, yet for us it is far away, and most of the time we take what we have for granted. Sure, sometimes things can be a bit rough but in the scheme of things, we are very lucky with the life we have.

Be grateful every day

When we give thanks, we are reminding ourselves of just how lucky we are and in doing so, we place ourselves in a loving energy vibration. 
The inner child is mentioned throughout this eBook and needs further clarification. To me, our inner child is our intuition, it is our inner guidance. I have used the name inner child so that it is non-threatening to those who object to names like source, God, Goddess, the divine, angles or spirit guides. To me it is all the same. It is the universal energy of all, that connects through us and every other living being, every object and every occurrence. Everything is vibrational energy and we are all connected.

Connect to your heart
 Everything you desire is in you

The VIOLET journal does not follow any religion, it follows your heart to how you feel connected to all things. This journal allows you to explore your spirituality, your religion and your connection to all things and determine what that means to you as an individual. When you align your vibration to how you want to live your life, to the image of the person you want to be, then you feel the connection to all.
I believe we are all here to discover our own truth. To live a life to that truth and not judge others for their truth. We are all on our own journey and once we learn to accept that everyone is entitled to follow their own path, we are happier within ourselves. More importantly, once we learn to follow our heart and accept our own true path, we can live a life of inner bliss because we are creating a life that is the best it can be for us.