Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn


The Rainbow Vision Journal and Sharon Dawn



To provide a space where we can Find, Accept and Be our unique self as we learn to follow our heart and create the happiness we deserve. 


To use journaling and creativity as tools that enhance self-awareness, self-expression and self-love through mindful and creative activities that anyone can do, as these connect us to our heart and strengthen our ability to manifest a FABuLous life experience.


A series of eight guided workbook journals that are forward focused, step-by-step guides encouraging self-awareness & inner guidance, through mindful and creative activities that connect you to your heart. 

  • Find your unique perspective and gain confidence to choose what feels right for you. 
  • Learn how to love, accept and be the beautiful person you are. 
  • Create a space to think about what is important in a relaxed and easy way.
  • Enjoy having fun with vision boards, mind maps, affirmations, drawing, scribbling, doodle art, story  and writing
Rainbow Vision Journals support your personal journey of self-empowerment. A safe place where you gain clarity and direction to enhance your ability to manifest a FABuLous life.
Fans of the law of attraction, manifesting and the power of thought,  love these guided journals.


Author/Artist Sharon Dawn felt intuitively called to combine her love of personal growth and creativity, with her own life experiences, to create a system that helps empower women to find, accept and be the unique person they are. A successful businesswoman and survivor of abuse, Sharon has traveled the world following her heart, living her vision of happiness by enjoying a nomadic and creative lifestyle as she shares her FABuLous Rainbow Vision Journals with you. 

Her Story
Sharon has received intuitive messages ever since she was a child and says they have saved her life on more than one occasion. Being sexually abused as a child, then physically abused as a young mother, Sharon believed she was stupid and worthless until one day she managed to escape. 
In 1995, after a second attempt on her life, Sharon escaped to Australia with her two kids and only $500 in her pocket. From that moment on she decided she was going to live life on her terms, and not how others thought she should. 

She decided she was no longer going to be told what to do, what to think, what to wear, how to talk, or who she could be friends with. She was no longer going to be afraid to be her true self.
She made a vow to herself that from now on, she was going to be ‘ME’. The only problem was, she had no idea who ‘me’ was.
In a new country with a new life, while trying to discover who she was, Sharon realised she loved learning and found a passion for tourism and real estate. In 2004, when looking at ways to enhance her business, Sharon was introduced to self-help and personal growth ideas, starting with walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins. After the seminar, Sharon became fascinated with personal growth concepts, especially the power of the mind and our thoughts. 
After discovering more about herself, Sharon sold her business a few years later, and went travelling the world with hubby number two, deciding to take up painting; an interest she had as a child.
Sharon was doing what she loved, painting and teaching, traveling and relief managing resorts in lovely towns, but still felt something was missing in her life, when one night she got a calling to do something different. 
'I had known within myself that there was something I was supposed to do, I just didn’t know what it was. Then out of the blue, an image came to me and that was the start of the Rainbow Vision Journal. For years I have used art and journaling as a mindful way to connect to my heart and learn self-expression and self-acceptance, so the idea suited me beautifully. I love to study and share my knowledge, I love to teach, I love to draw, and I love to write.'
It wasn’t all plain sailing. Only a short time after Sharon had the idea, she received a phone call no mother wants. ‘Mum, its me, just wanted to tell you I had an accident last night. I’m in hospital and they will be operating on me soon.’ 
Her son’s accident led her further into learning how the mind works. He was now a paraplegic yet determined to get his life back and being inspired by him and his attitude, Sharon started to really understand the power of thought and how we manifest our reality every day.
‘As I studied more in-depth topics like quantum physics, where thoughts are vibrational energy and we attract back what our subconscious mind thinks, not what our conscious mind thinks; I realised that deep down, we are nearly all living in a victim mentality because we are living from our belief system that we created when we were a child. This programming in our subconscious mind is what holds most of us back from being rich, successful, healthy or happy.’
‘The more I resonated with this thought, the more I noticed that people are not as happy as they could be. We have become a world of being “busy”, and being stressed is the norm, yet it shouldn’t be.’ 
‘We are here to be happy, to enjoy life to the fullest. We are here to have fun, not be stressed. This is when I realised that it was time to share everything I had learned on how to take control and be happy.’
Sharon decided to create a system that releases the past and focuses on happiness. A system where we find, accept and be our beautiful unique self, because lasting happiness comes from within.
‘When you know and accept who you really are, you are free to be your unique self because you are no longer controlled by past beliefs, you are in control and do what makes you happy.’
‘My son’s story is on-going. He was told he would never walk again and yet he is moving more than doctors ever thought he would, because he chooses not to be a victim. I believe we all have the power to take control of our life. The question is, will you? It is easy to stay in our comfort zone, even if it doesn’t make us happy, yet when we push past that comfort zone and learn to follow our heart, we find our pot of gold, which is our magical, happy life. The choice is ours to make, every moment of every day.’
‘I now live my life for me, and my family. I follow my heart and do what makes me happy, and I have learnt that bad things can still happen, however it is my reaction to these events that makes the difference. If I choose to be angry, then it is I who suffers. If I choose to accept, then it passes through me. Life is an amazing journey and one that should be filled with happy memories once we decide to move past our story. When we live like a victim, they win! It is our time to win now.’  
‘I have found both journaling and being creative as powerful tools that helped me become aware of my limiting thoughts that had held me back from being my unique self. By combining art with writing, I found more clarity and often that clarity comes from doing the most basic scribbling because this is when we let go of our self-judgement and simply enjoy what we are doing.'
‘The Rainbow Vision Journal is my way of sharing what I have learnt so you too can follow your heart and do what makes your heart sing.’
Enjoy 😊

Sharon Dawn