Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn


The Rainbow Vision Journal and Sharon Dawn



To provide a space where we can learn to follow our heart and grow into our unique self.
By being aware of our thoughts and feelings, we can align them to our hearts desire. When we learn to follow our heart, we align our energy vibration to our true self and create the happiness we deserve. 


A step by step guide that embraces the magical power of thought, encouraging self-expression and inner connection through mindful and creative activities that connect us to our heart and strengthen our ability to manifest a fabulous life experience.


A series of eight guided workbooks on finding inner connection and self-awareness using writing, drawing, and creative activities that anyone can do. Designed to take you on a journey into your heart, regardless of your past.  A fun and easy way to discover your unique self. 
Everyone is entitled to be happy and to live a life of their choosing. Journaling and creativity are tools that help you create clarity on what you truly want for your life.


Artist and Author of the Rainbow Vision Journal series

Sharon Dawn has received intuitive messages ever since she was a child and says they have saved her life more than once. Being sexually abused as a child, then physically abused as a young mother, Sharon believed she was stupid and worthless until one day she managed to escape. Twenty-five years later, Sharon lives her purpose. She follows her heart, enjoying a nomadic and creative lifestyle while continuing to study personal growth concepts. Sharon felt called to create this series, to show how you can release your past for a better life, just as she did.

Her story
In 1995, after a second attempt on her life, Sharon escaped to Australia with her two kids and only $500 in her pocket. From that moment on she decided she was going to live life on her terms, not how others thought she should. She was no longer going to be told what to do, what to think, what to wear, how to talk, or who she could be friends with. She was no longer going to be afraid to be who she wanted to be.
In a new country with a new life, while trying to discover who she was, Sharon realised she loved to learn and has not looked back. She found a passion for tourism and real estate and in 2004, Sharon was introduced to self-help and personal growth ideas, starting with walking on hot coals with Tony Robbins. After the seminar, Sharon began studying the power of thought and realised it is all connected with energy vibration, something she had always been interested in. A few years later, after selling her business, and travelling, Sharon took up painting.
‘I started down the usual path as a wannabe artist. I held a successful exhibition and then started teaching beginners classes on how to draw and paint. I loved the teaching, yet hated doing commission art pieces, so I decided if I was going to be an artist, I needed to do it my way and created The Cruising Artist brand.'
 Sharon was doing what she loved, painting and teaching, traveling and relief managing resorts in lovely towns, but still felt something was missing in her life, when one night she got a calling to do something different. 
'I had known within myself that there was something I was supposed to do, I just didn’t know what it was, then out of the blue, an image came to me and that was the start of the Rainbow Vision Journal. For years I have used art and journaling as a mindful way to connect to my heart, so the idea suited me beautifully. I love to study and share my knowledge, I love to teach, I love to draw, and I love to write.'
It wasn’t all plain sailing. Only a short time after Sharon had the idea, she received a phone call no mother wants. ‘Mum, its me, just wanted to tell you I had an accident last night. I’m in hospital and they will be operating on me soon.’ 
In that moment, Sharon heard a voice shouting in her head. ‘How you choose to react in the next moment will make a big difference to you and your son.’ That voice had popped up many times in her life, so she knew to listen. It made her realise, she could be in control of her thoughts and actions even if she couldn’t change what had happened. She could control how she reacted, and her reaction could help or harm her son and everyone else in her family.
Her son’s accident led her into a new learning direction. One of quantum physics where thoughts are vibrational energy that can heal us as well as give us the ability to choose our life every minute of every day. 
‘When we learn to put aside our victim thinking and choose to think in a way that supports us, our life changes. My son’s story is on-going. He was told he would never walk again and yet he is moving more than doctors ever thought he would, because he chooses not to be a victim. I believe everyone has the power to take control of their life. The question is, will they. It is easy to stay in our comfort zone, even if it doesn’t make us happy, yet when we push past that comfort zone and learn to follow our heart, we find the rainbow and our pot of gold, which is our magical, happy life. The choice is ours to make, every moment of every day.
I now live my life for me, and my family. I follow my heart and do what makes me happy, and I have learnt that bad things can still happen, however it is my reaction to these events that makes the difference. If I choose to be angry, then it is I who suffers. If I choose to accept, then it passes through me. Life is an amazing journey and one that should be filled with happy memories once we decide to move past our story. When we live like a victim, they win! It is our time to win now.  
I have found journaling a powerful tool that helps me become aware of my thoughts and move me from victim to creator of my life. By combining art with writing, I found more clarity and often that clarity comes from doing the most basic scribbling because this is when we let go of our self-judgement and simply enjoy what we are doing.'
The Rainbow Vision Journal is my way of sharing what I have learnt. A guided series of journals designed for self-reflection and yet have fun while we can learn what makes our heart sing. 
Enjoy 😊

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