Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

 GOLD – My Uniqueness

How to bring your life 
into alignment using 
your Rainbow Vision steps

Celebrate your Uniqueness

GOLD is the journal where you learn to have balance and bring all your colours into alignment, to enjoy a life where you follow your heart and live your bliss.
As you have progressed through the colours, you have become aware of your thoughts and learnt how they have been controlling your life. You can now see how the thoughts you have today, are creating tomorrow’s future. You are more aware of your auto pilot habits and are making conscious choices to adjust your thinking.

You have also learnt to be aware of your energy vibrations and how you feel. You now know that what you put out comes back to you via the law of attraction. That when you feel good, you attract good, and when you feel negative, you attract negative. 

Everything we need is in us now

You have collected gold nuggets throughout your rainbow journey, finding things that are really special to you. So how do you bring this all together and make it a constant part of your everyday life? How do you stay in this pattern of feeling good when something bad happens?
There are two ways. One is learning to be aware and changing your perspective so that you react in a way that now portrays who you want to be, which is what you have been doing. The second is to establish constant reminders and routines to keep you clear of your goal and these are explored in GOLD.

There are many hidden treasures in the GOLD journal

In this journal you will create ways to stay aware, to stay focused and be clear about your desired lifestyle and the person you choose to be, so that it continues to flow to you. Remember right back at the start of this eBook, where I said we have a choice? We can choose to believe we are in control of our life, or we can choose to believe that life just happens to us.
We have nothing to lose and every-thing to gain when we take control of our choices. You will be swayed back to your old patterns from time to time, until you have practiced your new thoughts long enough for them to be your new auto pilot habits. To stay on track, you need to firmly commit to your new lifestyle ideal, make the choice to be in charge of your life and then use the GOLD journal to support that commitment.
Did you know that for centuries in Japan, broken pottery has been repaired with powdered gold? The Japanese call it Kintsukuroi (golden joinery) and this technique creates a unique vase or plate as the cracks become gold veins in the pottery. 
We are all unique and it is our gold joinery that makes us special. At first we think we are damaged, but when we move past that thought, we realise that our life experiences become enhanced with our gold joinery.
You are perfect just as you are and when you change your perspective, you will see how true that is. Do not compare yourself to others. Focus only on what your heart wants. Imagine it in its fullest, feel it, breathe it, act as if it is already yours and go get it.

I am the rainbow. The pot of GOLD
is in me, waiting to be released

Journaling can be done anywhere. You can journal on scrap paper, on electronic devices or in the lovely Rainbow Vision Journal set. Whichever you choose, please keep journaling as often as possible as it is one of the very best ways to connect to your heart. It is how you learn to live with yourself in a blissful way, as life is intended to be.
If you choose to follow the Rainbow Vision Path with these journals, then I am excited you will be joining me as we grow together.
Whatever way you decide to proceed with your life, I wish you every success for a full and awesome life where you follow your heart and live your bliss.

Stay true to yourself 😊