Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

ORANGE - My Experiences

How to have awesome experiences without worrying about time or money

Create Awesome Experiences in your Life

ORANGE is all about dreaming and having fun, about being creative and imagining what you would really love to have in your life, all the amazing things you want to experience. It is your unique way to enjoy life to its fullest. This is the journal where you think about all the amazing lifestyle experiences you have ever wanted to do. It is your bucket list on steroids!
What are the things you have put off for years? What have you said you will do one day? 
It could be living in the perfect home or travelling overseas in five-star luxury. Maybe you would like to join a retreat somewhere exotic or buy a boat and sail into the sunset. Perhaps you would love to learn a new language, play a musical instrument, learn how to paint, study computers or learn to use Facebook, take photos or write your story. We all have lifestyle dreams. What are yours?

It’s normal for us to desire nice things

In this journal you will allow yourself to dream BIG. It is so much fun to daydream like you did when you were a child. What did you want to do when you grew up?
You will be guided to work out which dreams to follow, then dig deeper into some of them to gain more clarity on what you truly want to experience. You will start planning out how you can make some of your dreams become real.

A big dream takes no more effort than a small one

Two big things happen in this journal. One, you feel excited. Daydreaming is fun, it’s creative, and, best of all, it raises your energy vibration, so you feel good when you do it. Secondly, remember the law of attraction? When we start getting clear on what we really want and start to focus on it, we are more likely to attract it. The clearer you are about what you truly want to experience in your life, the more chance you have of obtaining it.
Once you know what your bigger picture is, you then start working on time frames and costs to bring it into fruition. 
ORANGE is where you can believe in magic. Where you can be and do anything, you want. You will be amazed how this journal opens up your heart to your true desires, the ones that are buried deeply, almost forgotten, but not quite. 

I will only achieve my chosen direction if I 

plan to make it happen. 

Without planning, I will probably go nowhere.

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