Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

 INDIGO My Well-being
How to stay in control 
of your thoughts 
and use them to empower

We get what we think about

INDIGO is how we think. It is our awareness of our conscious and sub-conscious minds. It is recognising and understanding our limiting beliefs so we can learn how to change them.
We have discussed how your thinking controls how you feel and how you act as well as how some many of our thoughts go unnoticed.
In INDIGO we explore in more detail what thoughts are controlling your life and how you can form new habits to replace these dis-empowering thoughts. They are habits you acquired when you were a child and they run continually in the background. As you become more and more aware of what is running on auto pilot in your mind, you can start making changes. Awareness is the first step.

Be aware of what you tell yourself
 and eliminate your self-abuse

Once you are consciously aware of what thoughts are sabotaging your desired lifestyle, you realise that you can actually choose how you will think or react to any situation. You have the ability to control your outcomes. For example, if someone calls you a name, you can get angry and call them a name back or you can let it go and remind yourself they are unaware that they are thinking from fear not love. That they have their own wounds that you cannot see. Most people abuse themselves far more than anyone else ever could. This journal takes you from a negative world to a positive world by enabling you to become aware of your thoughts and how to then change those into empowering thoughts.

Awareness creates freedom

Here is another example. Remember how we get what we focus on? When we say we don’t have time, we are constantly focusing on the time and we feel stressed about time. That stress builds up and we feel rushed or overwhelmed. Things happen, we get held up, we’re late, and then we become more stressed about our time. In the background of our mind, there is a broken record going I don’t have time, I don’t have time, I don’t have time.
This is your belief, and so, you don’t have time! You continue to reinforce this belief with your repetitive thoughts. This is a simple analogy to give you an idea of how the INDIGO Journal will work through your thoughts. Most of the time we are unaware that this is what we are thinking. It is these habits that are controlling your life.

Our thoughts create our emotions so therefore our thoughts either raise or lower our energy vibration. Our thoughts either make us feel good or feel bad. By learning to understand what is happening in our subconscious mind, we are able to take control of our life.

Our thoughts create our future