Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

GREEN – My Abundance

How to attract money 
and abundance into your life 

Is your life full of Abundance?

GREEN journal shows the way to enjoy an abundant and relaxed lifestyle up to and including retirement.

Discover how you think about time and money and how to make them flow to you in abundance.

Money is energy, just as our love, food, and health are. Everything is energy and it is how you think and feel about money that determines how it flows to you. When you feel uptight or restricted about money, then that’s how it comes back to you. When you are open and feel abundance, then money flows to you easily.

Money is not good or bad.
Money is an exchange of energy.

Many of us were brought up with conflicting beliefs on money, and most likely the beliefs you have no longer serve you. Some of the more common beliefs include: Money is the root of all evil, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, I’ll never be rich, money doesn’t make you happy, I’m just not good with money or I just have to win lotto!
If these are the beliefs you are putting out into the universe, then you will start to see why you have no money. Remember the law of attraction? It brings what you focus on.

These beliefs are the energy you attach to money. If you regularly say, ‘I can’t afford it’ or similar statements, then you are sending a vibration of lack, and this is the message that you are putting out to the universe. When you feel worthy of money and abundance you will receive it into your life.
We all need money to survive in this life so first we must think about it in a way that supports us. Money is not going to just magically appear no matter how positive we are. Even most lotto winners are broke again in a few years because they still have their old belief system, and the law of attraction is always working, so it doesn’t take long before they have no money left.
When we work out what we really need and create a plan that supports us, we can then put steps in place to make it a reality. You may have tried budgeting or saving before and got nowhere: however, the difference with the GREEN journal is that you first become aware of your thoughts regarding money and then you put in place actions that suit you specifically. 
The same is true for our time. When we feel we don’t have time, we are creating a vibration of lack so in the GREEN journal we also address the abundance of time.
GREEN is your abundance action planner. This is where you work out your financial goals and your thoughts on time and money.
There is no lack of money in the world, the only lack is in our thoughts. Are you ready to change your beliefs and start creating wealth in your life?

Our thinking affects our wealth and abundance