How do you write a story to manifest your dreams?

Writing our dream story has the same power as creating a vision board when we do it the right way.
So, what is the right way? 
Well, when we write our dream story, we must first pretend it is real now, in this moment. 
The words we use create the vision of our dream and if these words are in the future or if they are limiting or wanting, then we will always have our dream in the future, be limited, or wanting.
Secondly, we need to include as many details as possible in our story. The more detail we can describe on what we want, the clearer our vision becomes.
Thirdly, we must remember the Law of Attraction. Whatever we focus on we get so to manifest our dream, we focus on our story in a way that feels real now.
What do I mean?
Let’s say I write a story about the perfect home I want, and it goes like this…
I want to have a big timber home that has lots of rooms. I want it to be close to town and I want to have a big shed with it that fits a boat. I want to be able to fit my furniture in it and I want it to be a nice colour.
The story above has a lot of ‘I want’ so it sounds like something in the future and I will always be wanting this…
There is also a real shortage of detail. 
Here is how you can write it to manifest your dream home…
My home is a beautiful timber building that is on two levels and is made of red cedar and silky oak. It is nestled among the trees and has a northerly aspect with stunning views over the ocean and there are islands in the background. Inside there are five full-sized bedrooms, and the master bedroom has a view out to the ocean and a sizable walk-in robe with shelving for all my clothes and much more. The en-suite has a rain head shower and a separate spa bath that also looks out to the ocean. The library and office fit all my books with room to spare and it is a comfortable room where I can work as well as relax and read. My art studio has ample storage for all my creative supplies and is so spacious I can have friends join me to paint. The light beautifully reflects in such a way that it is a lovely place to create. The kitchen…
As you can see there is a lot more detail in the second description and there could still be a lot more. 
You can add what sounds you hear - the gravel crunches on the driveway as I drive up …
Add what you see - the sun shines through the beautiful lead-light window as I walk up to my front door…
Add sounds - I can hear the waves lightly breaking and the birds talking as they fly above…
Add smells – I love the smell of the ocean mixed with the surrounding trees…

Write from your heart. Let it pour out of you. After all, this is your dream home so do some structured daydreaming and see how much detail you can achieve.
The other thing you would have noticed in the second description is that it is in the present moment.  My home… instead of I want…
Saying 'I want' keeps us wanting whereas saying 'my home', makes it real even if we don’t have it yet. 
Our words when we say 'my home' may trigger a chaser thought that goes something like this: I’ll never have this, how can I? It’s just a story, how can this work, it’s just a lie.
If you have this type of chaser thought then generalise your words so they are believable to you now. You can say My home is (description) and it is coming to me now.
Make your story so it is believable to you. Make it in the present moment and be as clear as possible. Don’t leave anything to chance that is important to you. Add it all into your story.
Have fun and FEEL as if you have it now. See yourself walking through and using each room and imagine it in all its glory as if it is yours right now. Read your story and run the images through your mind every day until it is firmly imprinted in your mind and be ready for it to appear in your life.
Oh, and one last thing…
Do NOT think about how this will come to you, or how you can afford it. Spend your time being clear on what you want and taking whatever steps you can to make it happen with ease. You can look at areas you like and be open to what is presented to you. Do what feels right as you get clearer and clearer and allow it to come to you. We will talk more about how to allow things to manifest in another article.
For now, just remember, the stronger your story, images, and feelings, the easier it is to manifest.
Enjoy your new home 😊

Sharon Dawn

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