How to Create a FABuLous Life by being thankful for what you have

Do you stop and say "I am grateful for" … or "thank you" for …, for everything in your life, or do you just say, yeah yeah, I’m grateful.

When we are grateful we are in a high-energy vibration. This is the vibration we want to be in when we ask for our dreams to manifest. Remember how we get what we focus on?
If you focus on how grateful you are for everything in your life, you are in a high vibrational joyous happy mood and that is the energy that creates the magic.
Think of it this way, if you say 'sure I’m grateful for my life' then compare that to, 'I love my life because I love how happy I am each day and I love how everything in life is so beautiful, how different is your energy feeling between the two statements? The first sentence probably makes you feel OK while the second sentence feels nice, happy loving.
Once you can start feeling the difference in how you feel when you say and think different things, it helps you determine what is empowering and disempowering to you.
Many well know people, including Oprah, keep a Gratitude diary by their bed and each night writes out all the things they were grateful for each day. The more you write the bigger your list gets. 

I am so grateful for my toes as they give me balance when I walk, I am so grateful that I had a nice warm shower this morning, I am so grateful that I can choose to be my unique self. I am so grateful I can choose what I want to wear today. I am so grateful I can choose to be happy today.
Find a way to feel grateful every day. 

You might write it on your journal page, say it to yourself or out loud when you wake in the morning, or go to sleep at night. You might make time in a morning routine to spend a couple of minutes saying all you are grateful for.
Accept that you are new at this
Create a routine to help remind you to be thankful every day. It might be a prayer, a journal page a morning routine. Find a way to make it part of your daily life. It is simply the easiest way to raise your energy vibration to feel good about yourself.
Not sure where to start? Think about someone far worse off than you, now you have tons of things to be grateful for.
Create your daily routine. Make it a part of your life. Feeling good is the goal of life and this one simple step takes you directly to feeling good about yourself. It may not solve your immediate challenges, but it is where you will hear your solutions. More on that another day.
Flip to a page - Weekly Journal Prompt
This week I have a video discussing a journal page called 'I am so Grateful for'. Take the time to be grateful 

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Remember to Love our unique self by celebrating our wins as we let go of our old thoughts and enjoy our new ones. 
Feel your inner happiness as you think about all the wonderful things you enjoy each and every day.

Have a FABuLous week.
Sharon Dawn
Author/Artist/ Creator of Rainbow Vision Journal
Leave a comment below and let me know what you are so Grateful for.

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