Rainbow Vision Journal by Sharon Dawn

Welcome. I am so glad you can join me.

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Hi, I’m Sharon Dawn and I am the creator of the Rainbow Vision Journal series. This is a fun, new style of journaling that uses intuitive questions along with freestyle writing and drawing to guide you as you explore what is in your heart, showing you the way to find happiness, fulfillment and purpose in your life.
We are in strange times at present, with many of us now in lock down or self-isolation making it an ideal time to look at our life and to reflect on what is important to us and what we want for our future happiness. 
We have this moment in time to breathe, and I think it is time to ask ourselves some questions.

Am I truly happy? If not, why not? 

Why are so many of us not living the life we want? Why do we struggle with stress and anxiety instead of being happy and having fun? We put everyone and everything else before us - our kids, our partner, our parents, our friends, our work; and then we say things like ‘when I have time, I will do something for me,’ but when does that happen?

Then, when we do decide to try and do something different in our life, something for us, our self-doubt creeps in. Deep down, we think we are not ‘good enough’ to have everything we want in life, so we go back to how things are, accepting our life as it is, the same old same old routine and believing that we cannot really change it anyway.

Have you experienced this?

What's Missing?

More and more of us feel pressured to live up to being the best mother, friend or partner. To have the right look, the right career, the right hobbies. Maybe you are trying to be the best at work or the best at the gym or in a class you go to. There is so much perceived pressure to be the best at whatever we do, that we either give up doing something we want to experience because we believe we don't measure up, or we find ourselves totally stressed out even when we are doing something to relax, like yoga, art or meditation.
It is time to ask yourself ‘Am I happy and if not, what’s missing??’
What is missing is we are out of alignment. We are not living our true heart’s desire. You see, when we really know what we love and what makes us happy, it becomes easier to put these things into our life and to put life into perspective. It is not being selfish to put yourself first, in fact it is the most selfless thing you can do because when you are happy, everyone around you is happier. When you are happy, you can give more of yourself easily. Things flow better. You release the stress, the agitation and the feeling of overwhelm. People want to be around you as they want what you have, HAPPINESS.
So how do you get from here to happiness?
You start by taking notice of the little things that are happening in your life and you start to see what is missing. By using a journal, you create a mindful practice that gives you a place to gain clarity on what is important to you.

A New Style of Journal

Writing or drawing in a journal is an incredible tool when used to open your mind and gain clarity on who you are deep within. When it is used for this purpose it guides you to amazing happiness.
Many people write in a journal to pour out their sorrows and while I understand the need to unburden yourself of the yuk in your life, I do not believe that this is the best use of a journal, and the reason I believe this is because of the law of attraction – like attracts like.
Think about this. If you are constantly dwelling about your struggles, lack or your sad story, then you are still living in it, even if it happened a long time ago. This became obvious to me one day when I was sitting with my journal and something prompted a thought about my childhood. The next thing I knew, I had written pages of yuk about the abuse from my father. Then guess what? It was in my thoughts for the rest of the day and that made me feel worse. It wormed its way into my mind as I was trying to go to sleep and it continued into my dreams. The next morning, I woke feeling tired and grumpy.
What happened? My past was back in my present moment. It was making me feel unhappy, and yet, this was something that had happened over 40 years ago! When was I going to get past this!
Has this happened to you?
That was when it hit me. Like attracts like. I had brought those thoughts back into my present moment by journaling about them. 
I realised then that my journal needed to be about things that make me feel good and from that time on, that is what I use it for. When I want to write or draw something that is weighing me down, I do it on a piece of paper and then once I have released all those thoughts, I burn it!

We all have a story about painful stuff from our past and we can become attached to that story and believe that is who we are. Our past made us into the person we are today, but it doesn’t define us. We are not our story unless we choose to live in the past, in the sad vibration of that story. When we choose to follow our heart, we start to leave our story behind. We live for now not for yesterday.

The Art of Writing and Drawing

Writers and Artists use journals to capture ideas, so why wouldn’t we do the same in our personal journal? Writing, doodling, scribbling, colouring in, drawing, painting, even sticking in images, all allow us to come into the present moment. 
How does that work? 
As we are writing or drawing, we allow ourselves to be absorbed with what we are doing and the more we become absorbed, the more we are in the present moment. Writing and drawing are mindful practices because they cut out the chatter in our mind and let our heart speak.

Finding our Inner Alignment

As you journal, you will discover that your biggest help comes from inside you. Once you make the firm decision to change your circumstances, even when you don't know how to, it is amazing how quickly the universe supports you. Be brave, be courageous, you are worth it.
Choosing to journal is very personal. It is a place where you express your thoughts, desires and emotions. Your self-awareness leads you to what is important, and in so doing, you discover who you are and what you really want in life.
When we start something new, our first question is always “Where do I start?” It is the same when it comes to sorting out our life. We know we want to make changes or become something more, but where do I start?
These Rainbow Vision  Journals are designed to help you make that start. To find what you identify with most, to find what really excites you and how to incorporate that into your life. How to follow your heart and find happiness, purpose and fulfillment.
There is no better time than now to start creating the life you want, to be true to yourself. What better way do you have to spend your time then to create a life that fulfills your dreams? Don’t delay any longer, Click the link below and receive your FREE eBook now to get an understanding of how it will work for you.

Follow the Rainbow

FREE eBook
Learn how journaling creates clarity for a more fulfilling, happy and purposeful life.
RED – My Heart
How to follow your heart and find your bliss without reliving your past.

ORANGE – My Experiences
How to have awesome experiences without worrying about time or money.
YELLOW – My Well-being 
How to feel good 
regardless of your body shape or fitness level.
GREEN – My Abundance
 How to attract money and abundance into your life without stress.
BLUE – My Purpose 
How to discover and live your true purpose regardless of your location or skills.
INDIGO – My Awareness 
How to stay in control of your thoughts regardless of your situation.
VIOLET – My Connection 
How to feel connected and thankful regardless of your religion or faith.
GOLD – My Uniqueness
How to bring your life into alignment using your Rainbow Vision steps.

Pot of Gold

When we put it all these things together, we create our POT OF GOLD  This is where we see the whole picture of what is important to us in all areas of our life, and how we can bring it all together to live a live of happiness, purpose and fulfillment.
Each journal is designed to take you on a journey into a different spectrum of your life and that is why we start with RED, because everything starts with Love. This journal will give you a greater understanding to what you love and how you are supported.
When we understand that the key to a great life is to be aware of our deeper thoughts and feelings, we then see choices on how to align those thoughts to our heart’s desires. By doing this, we align our energy vibration and attract what we truly desire for our life, remembering like attracts like.


I don’t normally spend much time reading, I downloaded the Rainbow Vision Journal free ebook last night and I am already over halfway through reading it. If I hadn’t been committed to a project I would have finished reading it.

Easy to understand and follow, flows beautifully into each section, which keeps my attention to keep reading.

Congratulations you must be so proud, not only are you following your heart, you are also sharing it with the world.

Love and kindness
Jacqui Henderson
I have read many books that follow these sort of lines, but the journals you are creating appear to be a lot clearer and easier to manage, especially with the step by step approach. The writing is nice and clear and in laymen's terms and the colours and little pictures are simple yet effective. This is exactly how I would prefer to read the self-help books as I cannot be bothered reading all the scientific and technical hoo haa about how things work. I am looking forward to reading the Red Journal as it all sounds really exciting. Anyway I am very impressed so far, I can see there is a huge amount of work, effort and thought gone into these.
Keep writing!

Christine Wright
Arcadia Health
Wellsford New Zealand
This is definitely spot on. I can hear your voice as I read it which is awesome.
Its like a private mentoring session.
Cant wait to read more & start on a journal.
Will be spreading the goodness far & wide for you😘
I Loved it!

Rhonda Johnston
Mooloolaba, Queensland