Do you hate diets and exercise?

What if I told you that you can take control of your personal well-being without having to be on the latest diet or join a gym – would you believe me?
I have a dislike for both diets and gyms. YES, it is important to eat well and YES it is important to exercise, but here’s the thing…
If you hate the diet or hate the gym, then no matter how much you push yourself to do it, very soon you will stop…because you have told yourself you hate it!
So, what can you do?
You find a way that SUITS YOU.
Let’s look at diets.
Most diets don’t work because they make us feel restricted in what we eat, or we dislike the food. We feel deprived and we do not want to live that way.
So why can’t we create our own plan? Why do we rely so much on others telling us how to lose weight?
Do we really need to be told? Don’t we know this stuff already?
What we do know is
  • The more food we put in, the more weight we put on.
  • The more we move the more energy we burn.
  • If we eat a lot of fats it’s not good for us.
  • Sugar is in nearly every food and drink we consume. Too much sugar is not good for us.
  • Processed foods are high in sugar, fats, and salt, too much is unhealthy.
  • Natural foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seed are much better to eat than processed foods
 You may not know
  • Your thoughts about food can be just as harmful as the foods you eat
When you eat something that is not part of your ‘healthy diet’, how do you feel?
Let's say you know you want to lose some weight and yet you decide to eat some chocolate.
What happens as soon as you eat it?
Do you feel guilty?
Do you berate yourself for being weak and eating the chocolate?
Do you justify why you ate it?
Do you decide the next day that since you ate chocolate yesterday, what would be the harm to have a little more today?
Did you binge eat because you felt you had been missing out?
All these things trigger thoughts in your head that can make you feel bad about yourself and those thoughts are actually just as harmful if not more than the chocolate you ate.
So, what do you do to take control of your eating so that you are
  1. Happy with what you eat, and
  2. Eating to suit your body.
This is what the YELLOW Rainbow Vision Journal helps you get clear on.
The YELLOW journal helps you
  1. Take an honest look at what you are doing now
  2. Guides you to think about how that feels for you and what your body may be trying to tell you
  3. Decide what is important for you and your lifestyle and what isn’t
  4. Create a lifestyle plan to suit you
To give you a bit of an idea, this is how it works for me.
  • I enjoy simple meals, meat and veg (because my husband cooks those)
  • I love fresh cream (I grew up on a dairy farm)
  • I enjoy an ice cream at nights
  • I like to go out for breakfasts
  • I love iced coffees
These are some of the things that I take into consideration for my personal lifestyle plan
  • I buy smaller meat portions and more vegs for me, I dish up onto a smaller plate
  • I keep cream as my special treat because I know I can’t help myself, so I don’t have it in the house.
  • I found a coconut and mango ice cream that I like and it has less than half the sugar of my usual ice cream. If I want to drop a bit of weight, I cut out my ice creams at night.
  • When I go out for breakfast, I look at all the options I like and then choose the one that makes me feel good.
  • I make my own Iced coffee with no sugar (or one small teaspoon as a luxury), instead of buying one that has 7 teaspoons of sugar in it.
  • I take more notice of which foods have excessive sugar and leave them out of my diet
  • I take notice when I eat something and then feel over-full, indigestion, or any other effect.
 The YELLOW Journal helps you get clear on what well-being means to you, then it guides you to create a plan that is right for you. A plan where you are in control, allowing you to become aware of what sabotages your personal well-being and happiness, then gives you the tools to release that self-sabotaging so you can become confident in your choices for your personal well-being. Click this link to learn more.

No matter how you manage your well-being, make a definite decision to choose you. You only have one body and it is time to look after it.

Stay FABuLous

Sharon Dawn

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