How to lift yourself up when feeling down

Do you get days when you just feel flat and you struggle to pick yourself up? If so, try this little trick.

Create a list of everything you love. Your favourite hobbies and activities, your favourite jewelry and clothes, your favourite music, movies and books, your favourite foods, drinks and snacks, your favourite chill-out place etc. 

List anything and everything that you love, and then when you have one of those flat days, you can use this list to help you find something to lift up your spirits.

It seems a really simple thing to do, but here's the thing. When you feel flat, it is much harder to remember all these things that make you feel good, because usually when you feel flat, you are stressed or anxious, or maybe just tired and worn out. 

Either way, when you need the pick-me-up, the last thing you feel like doing is trying to remember something that you love. Much easier to already have a go-to list.

So be prepared. 

Click here to download the sample page, watch the video and then go for it.

Create a list in advance and have it ready if you need it. You don't have to wait till you need a pick-me-up, look at your list each day and ask yourself, 'What favourite things am I going to include into my day today?' 

The more we focus on the things we love, the more we push stress and anxiety away, and the happier our day is.

Have a FABuLous Day

Sharon Dawn

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