Unexpected Opportunities

Just when we think we have everything worked out for the year. 

We have our plans, our vision board and our goal list completed, then something happens to test our commitment.
This is exactly what happened to me last week.
I was working away on my next Rainbow Vision Journal when I got a phone call from an HR lady wanting to know if hubby and I would consider moving to Cape Leveque in WA, to  manage an eco-resort for 12 months!
This is not something we had planned for this year as my focus is on my Journals, but I have to say we were tempted...who wouldn’t be…what an adventure! To live at a beautiful location right on the beach with swimming, snorkeling and islands literally on our doorstep. Throw in a very interesting cultural experience including local aboriginal art plus an operational lighthouse (hubby loves these), and to get paid for the privilege, who wouldn't be tempted!
We spent the next 24 hours researching and weighing up all the pros and cons and although it is an amazing opportunity for a fabulous adventure, it would be a rushed move and did not fit with our overall picture of where we are heading this year so we turned it down, for now.

There are two reasons why I mention this to you;
  1. Sometimes we get stuck in a certain lifestyle and don't always take the time to analyse any new opportunities as they arise. Our goals do not always manifest in the way we expect them to, so taking the time to work out the pros and cons of every opportunity is important.
  2. If we don’t have a clear direction for our future, we can easily get side-tracked by these shinny opportunities that are not always in our best interests at the time.
This is why I love Vision boards and goal setting. I love getting as clear as I can on what I want, what makes me happy and what makes my heart sing. 
And although managing this resort would also make my heart sing, putting Rainbow Vision Journal aside for 12 months would make me really sad, where as, I can do this adventure another time.
Are you clear on what makes your heart sing? If not, then perhaps you should check out the ORANGE Rainbow Vision Journal. This is your bucket list on steroids!. It helps you work out what is really important so that you too can live a life doing everything you love.

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