Don’t create a New Years Resolution until you read this

New Year's resolutions don’t work!
Because they are generally something we feel we ‘should’ do instead of something we would love to do.
A resolution sounds like hard work and not fun at all.
And here is another reason they don’t work.
Because we are not committed to them. We are not passionate about our resolution. 

Sure we want to lose weight, give up smoking, or find a new friend or partner, but it sounds like a chore instead of something you are really excited about doing. You want the result, but do you feel excited about doing the work? 
If not, then it won’t work because you won’t be able to get the momentum going after a few days or weeks. Your heart is not in it so it will be darn near impossible to keep your resolution, so save yourself the grief.
To make a real change, we have to create momentum, and to do that we need to be excited about what we are doing and we have to stay excited.
So this year why not try something new?
How about making a commitment to yourself? One that excites you and one that doesn’t have ongoing negative internal chatter saying you can’t do it.
Try something like ‘Every day I am going to have a fabulous experience.’ 
Then every morning wake up and say to yourself ‘Today I will have a fabulous experience.’ 
Then every night just before going to sleep, think about the fabulous thing that happened and feel thankful for having that experience.
A fabulous experience can be something little like a smile from a stranger, a call from a friend, or seeing a beautiful flower. Look for the fabulous in your daily life and very quickly you will be counting off many fabulous experiences each night.
This is my commitment to myself for 2021 - To have a fabulous year, one day at a time

What is your commitment to yourself for 2021?

Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you all next year

Sharon Dawn

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