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Take a peak look through the RED Journal by clicking here, and see some examples of completed pages and how to make your unique journal with the PDF.

Journaling is about finding clarity into who we are. It is about finding the best version of ourselves and embracing that version as we move forward in life.

To do that, we need to know what it is we love and what is in our heart. But its more than that. When we know how our environment supports us and when we are clear on all the things that put a smile on our face, we then start to understand deep within, the life we are meant to have. That is when we become in alignment to our true self.

That alignment then guides us to make chooses that enhance our experiences so that we increase our happiness one step at a time and, when we are in alignment with our true self, it feels like the steps are already in place and easy for us to navigate.

This is the goal of the RED Journal. To help you become clear on how to feel good as much as possible and where to turn to when you don't feel so good.

The image I have chosen here is one of my favourite pages in my RED Journal. It reminds me of all the great parts of me. It reminds me that I AM here to enjoy life and that the decisions I make either support me to feel good or take me away from that feeling.

By staying in that vibrational energy as much as possible, I have discovered that it has become easier to bring myself back into alignment when I need to.

Life is to experience fun, love and happiness. All these things are inside us now, we just need to take the time and remember. As we create our unique journal (either printed or PDF), we are creating a space to have fun, to do something we love and to feel genuine happiness each time we complete a page.

It is all up to you.

Take the bull by the horns and do it for you. By having fun, love and happiness in your life, you are giving the best gift you can to yourself, your family and your friends.

Have a fun filed day :)

Sharon Dawn

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