The Power of Vision Boards

Vision Boards are a powerful tool that help us manifest something we want in our life. We start by getting clear on what it is we want, then we create a board that represents that dream. 

These are the steps I use. 

  1. Set an intention - what is the goal of the board? Get clear on what you really want
  2. Put yourself into the right frame of mind by imagining what it feels like if you had it right now
  3. Select images, words or empowering statements for your board
  4. Have fun putting it together. Stay in the feeling that you have it right now
  5. Place your board where you can look at it regularly
  6. Take Action. Do something everyday that moves you toward your goal. Baby steps gain momentum and are better than no steps. Without action, its just a dream.
  7. Return to the feeling of having your goal now. Feel it each time you look at the board

So how does it work? The power comes from a few things.

  • Being clear on what you desire. Knowing exactly what you want helps you manifest it the way you want to experience it
  • Holding the feeling that you have it right now. Believe it to be true
  • Visualizing yourself in that moment. Let your imagination see the colours, hear the sounds. Use all your senses. Make it as real as you can in your imagination. Should you get a resisting thought like' this is silly, its not true,' put that to one side, and bring yourself back to the feeling that you have it right now. Your subconscious mind does not know the different so make it real in your mind.
  • Remind yourself daily of your vision until it is imprinted in your mind
You do not need to work out How it will happen, simply hold the feeling that it is happening.

Let me tell you about my first Vision Board. It happened purely by chance. 

It was 2005, and at the time I didn't know about vision boards or the power they had to manifest dreams. Mine simply started when my daughter gave me a large picture frame for Christmas and I didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to get a whole lot of travel brochures and make a collages with her help. 

It was a lovely project that we did together and I had so much fun imaging all these wonderful places I want to see around the world. 

I hung the completed picture on the wall and every morning as I ironed my shirt for work, I would look at the collage and imagine myself at each location. I started to enjoy the chore of ironing because I was having so much fun imagining being in these places.

I had absolutely no idea how I would ever have the time or money to do any of them, but I released those thoughts and just kept dreaming.

Less than two years after creating that board, I had traveled to about one third of the places. Within four years, I had traveled to 90% of them!

Now I create Vision Boards for all areas in my life. It helps me get clear on everything I want and I enjoy a deeper, richer life experience because it them.

I like to use pictures from brochures and magazines, however I also like to draw my images as it connects me more with the dream. I use words and affirmations that empower the images and I create the board however it feels right in the moment.

There is no right or wrong way to what you put on your board or how you create it so long as you follow the steps above. They are the key to manifesting your dreams and above all, enjoy the process. Life is about the journey we are on, so enjoy every step of the way as you manifest your dreams...


Sharon Dawn

To see some samples of Vision boards click here 

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